Art Consoli, Entrepreneur, Start-up Business Specialist, Business and Management Consultant, Mentor, Author, Speaker

Art Consoli, Business Expert


Start-Up Business Specialist,

Business and Management Consultant ,

Mentor, Author and Speaker


Art Consoli is a business, business management and start-up business expert. He uses his expertise to help businesses and business owners become more successful through his books, consulting and workshops.

Art helped us evaluate an offer from a large foreign owned corporation. In the process he suggested we change our corporate structure to secure the positions of the original shareholders, helped us develop a business plan, and performed a valuation analysis that served as the basis for our internal discussions. He was extremely helpful and got us through some tough negotiations. He provided excellent advice, guidance and a workable deal points document which enabled all parties to see the potential problems of the transaction but which allowed us both to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.

I’d highly recommend Art for almost any company facing any tough business decision. 

Art started over twenty businesses from a patent, an idea, or somebody else’s problem, and he did ten workouts for lenders and owners. He also spent twelve years in corporate America, where he held more than ten management and executive positions. Art has written three books and numerous articles on evaluating and making businesses profitable. His fourth book will be out in the Spring of 2007. Art is an expert on business.


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